Monday, May 17, 2010

this is a good one

i feel the same way about too much candy as i feel about too much tv.
i don't like it,
but i feel like i can't deprive them completely.
however, i've been getting really tired of them sneaking gumballs all day and walking around with chewy sugar corroding their teeth.
i've always kept the candy in a cabinet with a child-proof lock.
sam learned to open it long ago.
he recently taught his brother.
the locked candy cabinet is now a lost cause.
after today the cause is no longer lost.
and i can't stop smiling to myself.

i caught will trying to sneak a 6th gumball.
i asked him to put it back.
instead of obeying he attempted to grab the whole dish.
of course it spilled.
gumballs went rolling all over the floor.
sam and will thought they had hit the jackpot.
they were gathering gumballs as fast as they could.
then they ran.
i looked around at gumballs on the floor.
then i smiled.
i smiled the whole time i was gathering them up.
i smiled as i dumped them in the trash.
i was smiling because i knew exactly what would happen next.

i proceeded to put the boys down for a nap.
i didn't say a word about the gumballs.
i could tell they were confused about my lack of words.
they thought thy were home free.
i got in the shower after that.
(don't judge that my shower was at 2:30)
i could hear sam coaxing will to go get them a gumball.
will was an eager follower.
he opened the candy cabinet.
he was stunned.
he ran back to sam.
sam told him to look again.
off again.
he stood again, just staring.
back to sam he went.
again a 3rd time to the cabinet.
this time he took sam with him.
both stood there shocked.
back to bed they went, empty handed.
they didn't get up again.

not a word has been said by anyone.
i think they know i got them on this one.
the best part of the story?
watching and laughing from the shower, and they couldn't hear me.
don't you just love teaching a lesson without a single word?
i do.


Ganny said...

sure a waste of gumballs.

Jena Allison said...

Jen, I just love your sense of humor! You don't know me, but I went to high school with Pete, though we didn't really even know each other either. I started reading your blogs after someone linked his story on Facebook. I have been a fan ever since! At any rate, you made a comment not too long ago about comparing yourself to other Moms that seem perfect (showered in the morning, never yelling, etc.). I just want you to know that even though you don't feel it, you seem perfect to me! I read your blog and wish that I were a bit more like you. I am a new Mom of a baby girl born in January and have my hands full with 1, and don't know how you do it with 3! My hat is off to you, pretty lady. :)

Ganny said...

I say a hearty AMEN to Jena's comment.

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...


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