Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a day of mourning

do all mothers feel sad when their babies fall out of the nest?
we have had a bird family nesting in our patio roof.
we have sat many afternoons in the hammock watching the mother carry worms for her babies.
we named her betty.
we named her babies freddy, jack, & jacob.
we found freddy, jack, jacob, & 3 other siblings dead on our patio today.
we were all sad.
we all just stared at each other.
until sam said, "we shouldn't worry. betty will lay more eggs."
will kept wanting to check on them all day to see if they were alive yet.
and i just felt sad.
i found myself feeling sympathy for betty for her loss.
i also found myself thinking about my own "nest".
hoping that in 15 years when my babies begin leaving my nest that they are more successful than freddy, jack, and jacob.


Arin and Troy said...


Kristen said...

It is hard as a mother to have to experience those "teaching moments". I find my children often handle those things better than I myself do. I fully understand your feelings about your own "nest". I pray that I am doing all I can to help my children know how to fly when that time comes.

PS-- You and I have never met. I am good friends with Aubrey and Chad-- and I went to school with pete. I grew up in the 17th ward-- and also know Jane and Sarah. So, with all those connections... it only makes sense that I would adore you too I guess! :)

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