Sunday, November 28, 2010


we had pete's celebration party last night.
it was the perfect punctuation to an unbelievable year.
i had expected to be consumed with the horrible, and scary details of where we were exactly one year ago.
i thought it would be like re-living it over again.
i assumed that's what everyone would want to talk about last night.
i have been pleasantly surprised.
it was truly just a celebration that focused on life,
on pete's life,
and the happiness that we feel still having him here.
and the details of the cardiac arrest event...
they seem to be slipping away,
almost as if it never happened.
i'm still reminded of the lessons daily.
reminded that we only get one shot at this earth life,
and we must make the best of it everyday.
we must love more deeply,
anger less often,
and do the things we love.
that is the memory i want to carry,
and i prefer to leave the image of pete's ashen face laying lifeless on my bedroom floor in the past.

a year ago i would have punctuated everything in my life with an exclamation or question mark.
now, with the passing of this 1st year,
it feels better punctuated with just a nice period.

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