Sunday, November 7, 2010

new names

the hardest part of being sam's mother is that nothing gets past him.
if i'm having a good day,
he notices.
if i'm not on top of my game he notices.
so his comment today did not come as a surprise.
as we were on a walk this evening he informed me that he was going to change everyone's name.
he was changing will's name to "bully brother".
the reason:
will told sam that he couldn't jump off the curb on his scooter.
he changed maggie's name to "precious maggie".
that hit the nail on the head.
he changed pete's name to "time dad".
the reason:
he said dad is always telling him to hurry up and setting the timer for him to do things.
here's the kicker name.
he named me "changing mom".
the reason:
he said i'm always changing from nice mom to mad mom to normal mom to angry mom.
before i cried (i didn't really cry; i just wondered if i should) i asked which mom he liked best.
he said he liked all of them,
he just likes me changing.
that's not what i expected him to say,
but what a relief!
the kid likes the variety i guess.
i guess he called that;
i'm not always on top of my game,
but i'm learning that just comes with territory. :)


Heidi said...

Jen! I LOVE hearing your thoughts about the kids and parenting!!!! Truly, it is so nice to share like-epiphanies and actually hear more of your thoughts about these kinds of kid-stuff. You are a great mom! Thinking of you often and hope your day rocks!

katwalk said...

Just wondering what Sams new name would be? Oh and I wonder where this name calling comes from..Jen I'm sure there will be more loving names your children will call you. Is this what they call pay back? Remembering the many many names I have been called....

sugar&sweet said... kid..
your really good mother
i know i can have more idea from you,
coz being a first time mom im still learning to be a good mother and a role model,,,
thanks for sharing your thoughts...

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