Wednesday, November 3, 2010

just a phase

have you ever noticed as a parent how quickly a phase comes and how inevitably it is ushered out by a new one?
sometimes it's hard to let a phase go,
and other times you can't chase a phase away quick enough.
i'm not going to lie,
there are parts about this phase right now that i'm not enjoying.
better yet, there are parts that are down right hard!
like taking your screaming, crying child to preschool 2 times a week,
not only is that not hard enough, i have to listen to the 5-year-old expletives all the way there.
i'm trying desperately to grow from this experience
and more importantly to keep it all in perspective.
admittedly, that does not always come easy for me.
however, if i've learned anything as a mother it is that time moves forward and phases end.
in the meantime, i hope that i can embrace the things about this phase of my life that i wish i could hold onto forever,
having a 5 year old that wants to lay with me every night and talk about everything on his mind,
or a 3 year old who loves to climb on me and kiss me
or how every time i asks him if he knows i love him he says "i do!"
or a baby who never stops smiling or nuzzling my shoulder.
there are some wonderful things,
but man, will i be glad when sam masters the separation lesson!

i recently re-read this quote,
and it reminds me to not wish too much away.

"Enjoy your toddler! Although it may seem at times that they will never grow up, they always do. The long, seemingly endless days will gradually be replaced by days with not enough hours in them. Children who once needed you for everything will need you less and less, and the days of leisurely walks, playdough and afternoon naps will be a warm and fuzzy memory. My hope is that both you and your child will have many happy hours of playing, growing, and learning together."

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sarah jane said...

I needed to read that quote today. . THANKS

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