Sunday, November 21, 2010

i stumbled on these pics,
and they made me smile and cry.
it is hard to believe that this life ever existed,
that that was really me.
i smile because it did in fact exist,
and i cry because it passed too quickly,
and i cry that so many of the characteristics of that time have been lost over the years,
so much of what it could've been was destroyed.
i can't help but long for knowing how things could've turned out differently had we all been raised together.
i smile because there is an element of that childhood that has never gone away.
we still have each other,
and regardless of how sibling relationships grow & change,
these relationships have remained the very best of my relationships.

i am thankful to have always had a sister who is so level headed & grounded,
and i'm thankful to have a sister who is so fun & easy to be with,
and i'm thankful for a brother who has always given me ideas & inspiration.
i'm thankful that no matter where we all end up we are still a priority to each other.
i'm thankful to know that our lives will always be so intertwined,
and i'm thankful that's how it has always been.

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