Monday, November 1, 2010


maggie is 7 months today.
hard to believe!
the celebration of her life is just the beginning of life celebration this month.
her birth brought the cycle of life full circle for our family.
when we almost lost pete 1 year ago,
i was so grateful that i was pregnant with her;
she was a piece of pete's life that i would still have even in his absence.
in those days of despair and uncertainty,
i tasted the tremendous amount of pain one might feel with a loss of that magnitude,
but with maggie's birth the feelings of potential loss were replaced by the goodness of life.
with the 1st anniversary of pete's incident quickly approaching,
it is life that i want to remember,
not loss,
not pain.

thank you, maggie, for bringing life back to our family.


sarah jane said...

What a darling picture. I can't believe its been almost one year.

katwalk said...

that had to be taken in Okla. I love the colors of the sky behind you and of course I love both my girls very pretty

BreAnna said...

You are a rock Jen, a real life super hero, you inspire me!

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