Tuesday, November 16, 2010

learning to spell

if you have not yet discovered cheez-it scrabble crackers,
then you need to check them out.
i love cheez-its thanks to my mom,
and i love teaching my kids about letters & spelling just from everyday life kind of things.
so these crackers are a perfect fit for me!
each cracker has a letter on it.
you should've seen all the words sam & i spelled on the pew at church on sunday!
it was so entertaining spelling & eating that it made it hard to listen;
check them out,
you may love them that much, too.


katwalk said...

yummy..and what a great idea..better get the DP...

sarah jane said...

Funny you mention those crackers, we love them at our house. Although our level is to identify the letter. YUM! Plus traders joes has pasta letters too. Gotta love it

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