Thursday, November 4, 2010

the black hole

we have a black hole around our house.
some pretty important things get sucked in there.
like $100 bills and the only two sets of van keys that we own.
oh, and the toilet paper spring rod from our main bathroom.
if anyone can crack the code, please let me know.
or if anyone can spare a couple $100 dollars to replace the missing $100 and pay the $100 fee to have a key made from our ignition and then $200 more to get 2 replacement electronic keys,
then simply just email me and i'll get you my contact info. :)


BreAnna said...

Sorry no help here, but if you find my life in there can you let me know? (I kid, I kid :o)

katwalk said...

I think you should look in the heating vent in the hall way :)or maybe it will be one of those things that just falls from the sky..want me to come find it???

Meghan said...

i think my itouch fell into your black hole. if you find it, my kids want it back.
ps. bless your heart.

The Nickell Family said...

A friend of mine found a whole treasure chest of stuff in a wall that had a hole in it made by a door knob. If you've got one of those, you may want to go fishing. Just a thought and good luck.

BreAnna said...

I would love to get together with you, it's silly it seems so difficult when we are in the same state now. I'd love to have you join the book club I'm in but I know it can be a huge commitment with so many young ones at home (we do meet at 8 pm so that dads are home, tummies are full and baths are done, and you can bring Maggie, lots of the other women do. Anyway we are reading The Help for Nov if you are interested)

Ganny said...

Hey glad the keys have been found.

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