Sunday, December 5, 2010

becoming like a child

i love that children are so uninhibited.
if they feel like doing something,
then they do it.
if they feel like teaming up with every kid at the playland to play a game,
then they do it with no hesitation.
if they are thinking something,
then they say it.
they do not seem to be inhibited by the analytical part of adulthood.
that is what i have been learning from my children lately,
especially sam.
he has been loving to write in notebooks.
he is always drawing pictures to "mail" to his friends,
he is "writing stories",
and just doodling anything in his brain.
if the urge hits him,
then he acts upon it,
even if it's at bed time.
i spontaneously find him drawing in his notebooks while he's in bed.
i love spying on him from the hallway without him knowing i'm there.
i gain inspiration from him.
i'm inspired to create more,
especially when there's something in my brain to create.
hurrying around, wasting time on unnecessary errands or cleaning tasks are not what a child would do,
and i don't want to do that so much anymore either.
i would prefer to become like a little child.
in so many ways they've got it all figured out.

and will is no different.
that boy loves his rest,
and he never feels restrained.
if he feels tired,
then he lays down and takes a rest.
what a lesson to learn!

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