Wednesday, December 22, 2010

miracles on june 21

this last year i definitely learned a lesson about miracles.
i'm learning that miracles don't just happen when life or death is on the line,
they can and do happen anytime, anywhere, or to anyone.
my foot doctor reminded me of that today.
he has come up with a surgical plan to improve the muscular structure of my leg,
which in turn will improve my whole body.
he plans to shorten my achilles tendon, re-route the tendon from my big toe to my achilles muscle, and fuse my big toe,
and he reminded me that this is a miracle,
a miracle that bodies have many parts that can perform more than one function depending on where they are attached.
and i feel grateful to be a recipient of this physical miracle,
grateful that i have enough working parts to be able to move them around.
oh, and so grateful to have the A-team doctor performing this miracle.
he certainly has a gift that is far more reaching than just his medical expertise.
he has a gift to not only physically heal but to also soothe a soul.
i walk out of his office every time smiling, and believing in myself more.
he has reminded me again and again that i am special and full of strength.
today he told me that for all the things that i have wrong with my leg that i "look pretty damn good".
he is amazed at how i've compensated.
he can't believe i have the amount of balance of that i do.
he speculated that it must partly come from a strong brain and will because the physical strength isn't there enough to support what i can do.
he said that out of all the patients he has seen he could only compare the mental strength to one other.
i was highly complimented
and very much reminded of that person that is buried somewhere inside.

i will certainly not forget this type of miracle either,
and i look forward to it being fully manifest.
june 21, 2011 is the scheduled day for this miracle to take place.


Ganny said...

WOW!!!!!!! If he only knew how much determination you have always had.

The Nickell Family said...

That is fantastic news!

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