Monday, August 29, 2011

through my child's lens

(an unedited series of pictures taken by my children. these are images worth capturing in their eyes.)

(will's lens)

if you can figure out what this is,
then i'll give you a dollar.
if i figure out what it is,
will you give me a dollar?


Arin and Troy said...

a bandaid on a toe???

Arin and Troy said...

but this is weema

sherree said...

That's a hard one! I's one of those rubber finger puppet monsters you get at Halloween. I would not have guessed THAT if weema hadn't figured out the toe part. So fun!!!!!

Roxey said...

Agree w sherree!

Vanderlinden Clan said...

mom, i think i owe you a dollar. that's exactly what it is! i can't believe i didn't see it! will is obsessed with band-aids, particularly wrapping them around his toes. and obsessed with taking pics, so i can see it perfectly now. you've always had an ability to see past how things seem on the surface.

katwalk said...

yes daughter I'm out side the box you can see better from that point :)

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