Friday, August 19, 2011

friday book review: the night before kindergarten and preschool

the night before kindergarten
the night before preschool
by natasha wing
suggested reading level: ages 3-6

each of these books are set the night before kindergarten and preschool. each book discusses the typical emotions a child and a parent might be feeling the night before school starts. the cute rhyming text and simple illustrations capture the fears and excitements that are experienced with such a big new beginning. the character in each book has a positive experience and can't wait to go back to school the next day.

my mom got my boys these books,
and they are by far the cutest books about the 1st day of school that i have read!
my boys LOVE them!
they want to read them all the time,
and it has gotten them very excited about starting preschool and kindergarten.
i even think it identified their fears and excitements that they were unable to express with their own words,
but this book captured it beautifully for them.
in the kindergarten book there was a part with the moms & dads crying about leaving their kids at school for the 1st time.
after reading that page,
sam looked at me with worry in his eyes and made me promise i would NOT cry at his school.
i promise i won't cry on the outside.
it gave me the opportunity to explain to him that moms & dads cry because they will miss being with their kids all the time and they cry because they are so proud of them.
it provided the perfect chance for me to express to him how much i will miss him because we have always been together and to tell him how happy i also am for him to start kindergarten because of all he will learn and how much fun he will have.
will has been excitedly indifferent to preschool.
in the preschool book the children have to take naps.
will was confused because he does NOT want to take a nap at preschool.
i explained that is not how his preschool will be,
and we talked about all the fun things he will do there.
sam, with his arm around will, told him that some kids cry at preschool but that's ok because miss angie will help them.
i think they are both pretty prepared,
and i am very hopeful they will have a fantastic time.
i am excited for their new adventures,
even if i feel a tear inside from time to time.

if you are looking for these books,
don't be surprised if everywhere you look is sold out.
i couldn't find them on amazon or barnes and noble.
my mom got these at smiths market place,
and they are only $3.99.
i don't know if they have anymore.
the kindergarten book also has a companion sticker book story that is fun.
there is also a night before 1st grade book if you don't have a preschooler or kindergartener.

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Natasha Wing said...

Thanks for recommending my books! You and your boys' use of the books as discussion starters are exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. Your boys sound adorable. BTW. I know you will miss them, but they will bring home fun stories to share. My thoughts are with all the parents these back-to-school weeks!

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