Wednesday, August 10, 2011

for my grandma

my grandma almost always made my dresses when i was growing up,
and i loved them
and was proud of them.
now from time to time she will make and send a dress maggie's way.
the latest dress arrived in a fabric that she used for a dress for me in the 6th grade.
too bad i don't still have the dress;
perhaps it would be fun to match.
maggie loves her new dress,
and i love having a grandma who is so special.


Ganny said...

:) Maggie you need to turn your collar down. It looks cute, as I recall yours did too. Antique fabric!!!!!!!! Now I know why I saved the remnant of the fabric, for so many years.

Pete said...

Great job Ganny he looks great. I wish I had more pictures of Jen when she was younger to see more of your handy work. Jen always refers to her clothes with fondness.

Pete said...

whoops "she" looks great!

sarah jane said...

holy cow Maggie looks like Pete in the last picture. Cute dress

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