Friday, August 5, 2011

just another update

my foot feels new,
but it hurts.
pretty bad actually.
there are moments when it hurts more than the surgery itself did.
my ankle is constantly swollen.
my whole foot actually.
so swollen that my shoe leaves an impression.
(plus, i have to leave those shoes on all day for support.
i can tell my achilles is tighter than ever,
and that is a good feeling if i could get over the soreness.
and wow on my calf muscle!
it has never really been used for 32 years,
so you can imagine how sore it is from this workout.
this recovery is much more demanding than the surgery part &
so much easier to over-do it.
i'm nervous pete only has 1 more week at home!
he has done a terrific job and been a great help.
if i don't get the speed on for this recovery,
then i'm not sure how i will manage without him.
so much for assuming that life would be easier when my cast came off.
kind of like that feeling that life will be so much easier when you're not pregnant anymore.
it's better, but not necessarily easier.
i should have known better.
time will make the difference here,
so i am still very hopeful,
even if you find me complaining about the pain from time to time.


katwalk said...

Just take it easy if you can wow can believe it a calf muscle. was you had some more comfortsble footwear while it is swollen have you tried soaking it? I got some stuff for your bath for aches and pains and it really relieves aches and pains I'll have to get you some it try. or I can let you try some bigeloil. it's for horses to reduce pain & swelling of sore muscles, joints, legs & arthritis works pretty good we can get Eddie to send you some. works pretty good,

Suzie said...

So glad that the surgery was successful but sorry you're so uncomfortable! Would it help with your big day next Thursday if you were to have some breaks? If you want, you could cut us on a different day next week when Pete is home. The boys could come any evening except Tuesday and I can come any day at whatever time is good for you. Just let me know.

Ganny said...

Hopefully you can find relief soon. Dadgummit!!!!!! It should not be this way.

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