Friday, August 12, 2011

friday book review: but not a book this time

family tree cd
by Frances England

England's cd is a blend of folk, indie, and old time sounds to explore themes of family life, animals, friendship, and empowerment. this is a children's cd, but it is truly music the whole family can enjoy.
to preview the music please click here.

for quite some time i have been putting my boys to bed with calming music playing.
it started out as primary church songs,
and then went to lullabies,
and then to the audio books like "where the sidewalk ends",
and now we have been on a musical kick.
(their favorites are oliver & wicked for kids).
we check out such a variety of music cds at the library,
load them to iTunes,
and burn cds of our favorites for our collection.
we hit the jackpot with the Family Tree cd that will picked out at the library.
i knew i would be hooked simply by looking at the cover,
and once i heard it,
i was hooked.
my boys are hooked.
they love listening to it day and night.
their favorite is "i scream, you scream".
i feel like a seed is planted every time i expose them to something like a variety of music,
and the way we feel listening to this cd is a feeling i would happily authorize exposure to.
so, check the library for this cd,
but i will keep our copy until the due date just because i love the album cover so much.

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