Tuesday, August 16, 2011

unexpected improvements

my foot is healing quite nicely.
every day it functions more & more like a new foot.
like how it didn't sink and fold when i stepped in the sand at the beach.
it stayed flat for the 1st time ever.
and how on our hike over small boulders around bloomington lake i couldn't remember which foot i was supposed to lead with.
i've always led with my strongest foot.
the oddest and most welcomed improvement is how it has grown a shoe size in 2 weeks.
it has flattened out so with the new tendon pulling it down and with the fused toe.
i can't even wear the small shoe i bought the day my cast came off unless i want a serious indention on my toe and if i want it to feel like it is bleeding.
it is not quite the same size as my other foot,
but i'm hoping time will continue to improve this.
therapy will beginning soon,
so there will probably be unexpected improvements even from here.


Ganny said...

It sure sounds like things are going GOOD!!!!!!!!! It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

Julie Church said...

I am so very happy for you Jen!

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