Friday, September 2, 2011

friday book review: weird parents

weird parents
by audrey wood
suggested reading level: ages 5-10

this young boy thinks he has the weirdest parents on earth! why else do they laugh out loud in movies when no one else does? or show your friends how to do the "funky chicken" dance? or blow huge kisses to you when you are leaving on the school bus? their flamboyant and eccentric style is always embarrassing him. however, he knows his parents definitely love each other, and he does enjoy their doting on, so he is eventually able to forgive his parents of their annoying idiosyncrasies. the exaggerated & humorous pictures are full of quirky details that portray how "weird" parents can really be.

i think this book is hilarious!
my children don't think i'm weird just yet,
but i am anticipating the day when they think i am.
and when they do we will be reading this book.
that will probably make me weird,

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