Wednesday, September 7, 2011

by small and simple things

i've gone to a few physical therapy appointments for my foot,
and i've come away mildly discouraged every time,
except for today.
i couldn't see the big picture.
i was certain the silly little exercises with an over-sized rubber band would never be enough to strengthen a leg and foot that have never been strong.
i was thinking much bigger,
something more along the lines of steroid injections or electrical impulse therapy.
so, one could imagine my frustration at coming home with the same small exercises that i spent an hour doing in the office each time.
i was such a non-believer that i didn't even want to do the exercises at home;
i was certain it would just be a waste,
not to mention discouraging.
somehow i knew inside that i could do the exercises and give it some effort
or do nothing at all and definitely not see more improvement.
when a decision has that type of logic,
it is really hard for me to not choose to do something.
so, i chose the exercises.
i've done them every morning at 6 am while everyone is still sleeping.
and guess what is happening?!
i am gaining more strength and control than i have ever had.
the physical therapist said there has been at least a 20% strength increase than where i started 2 weeks ago.
i never would have thought,
but i am delighted.
and once again impressed by the slow and steadiness of a simplicity.
and once again grateful for the team of doctors who have used their slow & steady hands & talented hands to enrich my physicalness.
which in turn has had a direct influence on my spiritualness, too.
this certainly has not been the first "by small and simple things" lesson i have had,
but i'm sure hoping this one penetrates me,
that my expectations will slow and my hope will increase.
hoping i remember that not everything has to be big all the time.
little by little, right?
just like this little foot of mine.

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Ganny said...

Happy to hear progress is being made.

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