Thursday, September 29, 2011

one of those days + some humor

when i woke up i could tell it was going to be 'one of those days'.
i felt frumpy & dated,
not a good thing for a work day.
as soon as will woke up he started crying about not wanting to go to school,
the 3rd day in a row.
the van didn't start when it was time to leave to take sam to school,
(despite the new $100 battery).
at least having the neighborhood powwow at my van got will distracted.
he stopped crying for the 1st time since he woke up.
after we got the van started this conversation took place:

me to will: "well, now our problems are solved. the van is fixed."

will to me: "it didn't solve my problems. i still hate school."

and he was right.
it didn't solve his problems,
but it sure made me laugh.


Ganny said...

wonder why he hates school. I know how he feels. Somedays I am so frustrated, and don't like anything. Today is one of those days. Wish Will was here, we WOULD fix it.

Uriona Family said...

Ohh, too cute. I'm so sad he hates school. I am sure he will snap out of it...that is of course if you stop being such a fun mom. You realize it is ALL your fault (him hating school), if you weren't so great to be around he would love it. :) j/k (sort-of)

Arin and Troy said...

That's awesome.

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