Thursday, September 15, 2011

phase out

i work on thursdays.
i have for many years,
and almost 6 years with children.
in 2005 my sister started watching sam,
and then in 2007 she added will,
and in 2010 i sent maggie, too.
as i was driving maggie and will there this morning,
it dawned on me how long this routine has been happening
and all of the changes that have taken place during this span.
particularly how sam & emi bonded from the beginning,
how the kid count went from 2 to 4 in a matter of a few weeks,
and how maggie made 5 kids to be watched at once,
how will finally stopped hitting mack & became friends who can play all day,
how many replay conversations my sister & i have had about the days,
what they ate,
how they napped,
and how they played.
i think one of the biggest changes so far is happening right now.
sam & emi are both in school,
mack is in preschool on thursdays,
so that just leaves maggie & will.
projecting to less than a year from now,
everyone will be in school except for maggie.
she will be the only one.
the era of auntie babysitting is phasing out.
this has been my 1st evidence of how quickly my children pass through phases,
how things will always change and end even when it becomes so normal that you think it will last forever.
just like auntie babysitting on thursdays.
there's no doubt about my level of appreciation for my sister.
she has been just like a 2nd mother.
she has selflessly taken care of my children just like they were her own.
i know how exhausting her days must have been watching 5 kids under the age of 4,
or how old it must have gotten cleaning up the hurricane messes,
and i don't even want to know how many things my kids have broken!
she has been the one who has provided a place for cousin relationships to blossom into lifelong friendships.
i love her,
my children love,
and i hope that in some way she will know how indebted i feel to her.
thank you for allowing us to all pass through this phase together
and for giving us many stories to talk about in all the years to come. :)


Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

This post belongs in your Top 10 Best Category! Such a simple, touching tribute to a time in our lives we never expected to change or end! You summed it up excellently, except I wonder how many diapers I have changed! And bless the day they didn't all need naps! You couldn't pay me enough to go back to when M&W were babies and S&E were 2! I love being Auntie and trust me the pleasure is all mine! I just hope the children have good memories of Thursdays.

sugar&sweet said...

I LOVE HER SOO MUCH TOO! she had wonderful,pure and kind heart...
i was very fortunate to know her :) and
i appreciate everything she did!
she have the CALMNESS & BEAUTIFUL SOUL !...
i just can't describe her enough.

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