Thursday, June 9, 2011

where have i been & where will i be?

my surgery is in 12 days.
i feel confident that it will be a positive thing.
i'm only nervous that i haven't prepared my home and family enough.
so, instead of blogging or sewing or reading or anything else i love,
i will be making freezer meals, organizing my house, & playing with my family for the next 12 days
just so i will be able to sit out for 6 weeks to heal.
and scan all my photos, read a stack of books on my nightstand table, make a basket of felt food for the kids, catch up on blogging, and maybe take a nap, or watch a movie or 2.
what a busy recovery this will be!
(but don't tell anyone... if i really get to do all of those things, it will actually feel like a vacation! i guess there has to be at least one perk of such a big surgery. :) )

1 comment:

katwalk said...

what 3 more days I didn't realize it will be the first day of summer

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