Saturday, June 25, 2011

letting go

(my first project post surgery)
relaxing does not come easily for me;
i wish it did.
i'm a doer and would prefer to be doing something all the time.
moving all the time at least.
while i am all for embracing how you are,
i can very much see the value in expanding your capacities.
so, that is my mission for the next 6 weeks.
i will calm down,
give focus to the slower aspects of my life that still need attention that often get neglected because it feels like i'm not doing anything when i'm not moving on my feet.

some things on my relaxing list include...
*learn to not hate tv and how to use it as a tool
*filling photo albums
*scanning old photos & making electronic backups of all my digital files
*update baby books
*learn how to use all the features of our new camera
*reading for pleasure
*hand embroidery projects
*sitting outside in the early mornings or late evenings
*sitting with my children, watching them, and letting them lead me through the activities they want
*reading the 3 binders of jr. high & high school writings by me (now that will be a treat; if you are lucky, then i'll share a few little gems here from time to time. :) )

i'm tempted to make this list longer & longer.
i will fight that urge, so i can give focus & savor to the activities listed.
and hopefully by the end of 6 weeks, i will not only have a new foot but hopefully a calmer self, too.

this is a happy place to be.
i know how lucky i am to have a husband who takes care of me and can hold down the fort,
so i'd be crazy to not be happy in this place and in this time.


Ganny said...

sounds like you are handling the situation. I knew you would.

sherree said...


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