Thursday, June 30, 2011


if you haven't read pete's post about maggie peeing in the floor,
then i recommend you read it here so you will know why this is considered a replay.
pete put maggie down for a nap this afternoon while i was laying in bed.
he took he boys to the library for the african drum & dance presentation.
they weren't gone 2 minutes before maggie started singing to herself.
she does this often,
and i think she enjoys it,
never crying,
just cooing, talking, and throwing everything out of her crib,
after about 30 minutes of this i decided i should go get her.
i wasn't prepared for what i was about to see!
she was totally naked, no diaper.
she was straddling the crib slats with her feet hanging out.
when i opened her door, i burst out laughing,
and so did she.
the smart baby that she is,
i asked her if she took off her diaper.
she shook her head yes.
i asked where it was, and she pointed to the end of her crib.
(it was actually there.)
the point of the story...
i got her out of her crib;
that's funny to watch, hopping on one leg,
and she ran off.
i slowly scooted after her on my scooter.
i found her peeing in the kitchen floor.
she was laughing trying to get away and slipped in it.
i knew she would need a bath.
once i corralled her there and got her clean,
i let her loose again while i tried to diaper her.
she's faster than i am now that my transportation mode is crutches or a scooter.
i caught her in the front room,
peeing in the floor.

so, the moral of the story?
we all blunder when our kids want to pee in the floor.

oh, and a total pee side note...
sam and will decided to pee in tupperware bowls tonight in the bath and put a lid on it to save it.
that went right in the garbage.
such a fascination with pee over here it's no wonder maggie pees so freely!

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Ganny said...

Well sounds like a lot of Pee partying going on. It must be getting boring at your house. Wonder what you would have done, had you not been able to catch Maggie. Call Norma????????

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