Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We're Back

Pete's Post:
The Last pic of Jen's "old" foot. Excited and ready for battle.
An Enthusiastic Jen Waiting for the knife or do you think the surgeon used a sword???

First Glance at the new foot...well a splinted new foot. :)
Post Surgery doin' great! I have a more sedated photo that I not going to post because I am not prepared to spend 6 weeks on the couch. :)
The splint.
She needs to get used to this puppy. It's going to be with her for 6 weeks. During this time no weight and no water. It's going to be interesting:) I got her a shower stool to help out and to be honest it sounds kind of fun.

Since we have been home she has just rested in bed. Her first food that she just had to have since being home...Arby's beef and cheddar with curly fries and a bowl of Tillamook icecream. It's been kind of fun playing nurse. I am getting a little glimpse of what she did for me. :)


katwalk said...

Thanks Pete I hope things keep going smoothly

aunt linda said...

you are probably a great nurse we will see how well you can juggle for 6 weeks give jen a big hug and kiss for me

Dana Marie said...

I love that you are excited about taking care of her. She's a lucky lady!!

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

What exactly are you planning to do with shower stool?
Glad you are doing so well Jen!

Arin and Troy said...

Glad things went smoothly. I didnt realize the shower dilemma you would have to deal with. That really sucks. Enjoy your vacation!! I would milk it for all its worth!! ha ha ha

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