Friday, June 24, 2011

the good and the not so good

the good part of the day...

feeling much better than i did yesterday.
feeling so much better in fact, i sat outside and finger painted with the children in the driveway.
boy, was that fun!
sam was very into painting scenes of summer... swimming pools, motorcycles, & popsicles.
will did a few handprints and was then more interested in riding his bike.
and maggie, oh maggie! she loved every bit of it.
especially the parts where she rubbed the paint all over her body and used the mixing spoon to eat the paint.

the not so good part of the day...

over-doing it by finger painting with the children and then feeling pretty wiped out the rest of the day.

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Ganny said...

So cute...sure looks messy!!! but real fun!!!

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