Wednesday, June 22, 2011

needing some advice...

can someone please inform me why so many people are addicted to lortab?
i feel like a doped up fool and can't wait to shake this feeling.
i must admit that i would almost rather feel the pain.

on another note... i am in desperate need of movie suggestions.
i will watch anything but prefer something that makes you feel a little smarter after watching or like you have been somewhat inspired.
i need something to help pass time while my brain is still so cloudy.
i'm not quite to the focus on a book stage.
please pass along any suggestions.


prcessmag said...

Glad your surgery went well....I cannot stand lortab either! So movie suggestions....have you seen inception? Its good, a little difficult to follow, but definitely one that makes you think...maybe not a good suggestion if you're on lortab though haha.
Some feel good movies....I have some old ones that you can borrow if you'd like, the notebook, maid in Manhattan, sweet home Alabama, pay it forward, all the Harry Potter movies well except for the 6th and 7th one....I don't know if you're into harry potter :) but I also have lots of Disney ones :) call me if you need anything or would like for me to bring you any movies 801 725-1689. hope you have a fast recovery :)

Dana Marie said...

Hope you quit feeling loopy soon, or rather you heal and don't need to feel loopy.

If you have not seen the series Firefly, and then the following movie Serenity you need to do it. AMAZING! It's only 12ish episodes. It's a sci-fi but feels like a western. Sounds weird, but it's AWESOME!

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