Wednesday, June 22, 2011

im having a hard time waking up

i am rather impressed with this surgery so far.
in and out of the hospital in 6 hours,
and i hadn't felt a thing until about 2 hours ago when the nerve block started wearing off.
wait, i take that back,
when i woke in recovery it felt as if someone cut off my big toe and scratched up my throat.
they instantly dosed me with some good ol' lortab.
it killed the pain, my stability, and ability to stay awake.
oh, and apparently it relaxed all my facial muscles as well.
(see photo above.)
pete and the nurse teased me that my bottom lip was sticking out for quite some time,
and i was found muttering "i'm having a hard time waking up" about 200 hundred times.
i was also reminding them to be careful with my left leg because i just had surgery on it.
(i'm sure they needed the reminder.)
i slept most of the day yesterday and all night and some time this morning.
so, i guess you could say i'm still having a hard time waking up.
once i'm fully awake, i will be forcing myself to learn the artful skill of just relaxing.


Ganny said...

If all is well, continue to nap. The chance does not come often. This may be an opportune time to begin the book.

Uriona Family said...

I'm impressed you are already back at blogging. If we can help in anyway please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Good luck in your healing.

BreAnna said...

Good luck, what a journey this will be, I'm excited for you!

Suzie said...

Welcome to life after surgery!! After both of my surgeries, it was at least a few days before I was up to much of anything. Even once I was home after about 5 days, I still wasn't good for much of anything for a few more days. Just give yourself time and LET YOUR BODY REST when it wants to. You'll get there!!

See you Friday...

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