Thursday, July 7, 2011


there are many reasons to be happy around here...

  • my splint came off yesterday and was replaced with a hot pink cast.
  • i saw my "new" foot and it felt much different in a good way. it was more stable, and i could no longer bend my foot up to my shin.
  • the stitches are out & healing well.
  • i have the top of the line, genius doctor working on my foot, and i am incredibly grateful for my access to him no matter how long i have to wait in his office.
  • the doctor reassured me that there is 100% chance that my foot will be an improvement
  • my life has slowed down to a point where i feel like i am a part of my life and not just watching it rush by. i have enjoyed reading, watching a little tv, keeping up with news, doing a few sewing projects, and connecting & playing with my children more.
  • we have been enjoying delicious food (thanks,stacy, and many others.)
  • i got to finally spend a chunk of time with one of my sisters just chatting and having fun. i feel  positive & recharged after being with her, especially after our fun activities today.
  • i have a husband who has taken over the management of our family seamlessly. on any given night he can be found cleaning house. can't wait until i can help you again! :)
  • i have been contacted by many friends & clients who have been concerned about me. i am fortunate to be apart of their lives.
  • oh, and i still have 4 more weeks to finish up some desired projects. :)
happy indeed.


Ganny said...

I feel happy for you. Too bad new proceedures are so late in coming your way.You may feel like you will be learning to walk again. It will surely be different. Sounds like Pete is doing a fantastic job in his new role. I do like the pink cast. Hang in there.

Heidi said...

Congrats friend! Its nice to catch up on you once in a while, love the cast! It reminded me of mine three years ago. Enjoy the "down" can still bloom beautifully planted there. :) Hugs!!

Debby Sharp Johnson said...

wonderful! so happy for you! love the pink cast! you are tough and sweet....we can all learn from you!!

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