Monday, July 11, 2011


will's birthday came and went.
the party was a big, overstimulating success.
as i spent the day watching him play,
and running with friends,
looking with his big brown eyes,
with his hair that is always so straight it never looks combed,
and seeing his happy countenance alone talking to himself in his own constructed world,
i felt my heart swelling to a new level,
and i'm just pretty sure my heart will always be swollen.
he will always be my son.
(even if his free spirit takes him far from home the first chance he gets; right now that's our prediction)
i will always be his mother,
and that is one of my greatest privileges.
he makes my days light
and puts a happiness in my heart that was never there before.

will has never been a child concerned with things or gifts.
however, he was overly delighted with his new booster seat,
and he was certainly shocked when a real rainbow cast itself over our sky at the end of his day
(just for his birthday gift we told him).
but the greatest gift that boy has is not one that we or anyone else gave him,
it was a gift he came to this earth with.
it is the gift of happiness,
always happy,
always optimistic,
and this is the gift we hope he still has every birthday long past the 4th.

happy birthday, scooter.


Ganny said...

MY,MY,MY, what a cute little guy!!!!!!!! He would really be happy, if he was coming to Ganny's house.

The green in the picture is beautiful. Everything here is drab brown due to the horrible drouth.clogumsz

Ganny said...

Hee hee, I wondered where the word that I typed in went, now I know.

Arin and Troy said...

Reading this post was like I was writing a post about Logan. Its funny that they seem to be so similar. It must be the 2nd child syndrome. :) It sounds like Will had a wonderful day. Wish we could have come to the party

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