Thursday, July 21, 2011

this might explain a lot

i don't believe in buying a lot of toys for my kids.

A. because i don't love having lots of stuff that doesn't have a place or that doesn't get used.
B. almost everything my boys have gets broken quickly because it is more fun for them to take something apart to figure it out than it is to play with it.
C. when i buy something that comes with every bell and whistle, then my kids lose the opportunity to make their own inventions, just like they did last night.

will scored this awesome motorcycle at a yard sale for $1.
he had vision for it,
so we weren't about to pass it up.
and vision indeed!
sam and will spent the whole evening making it their invention,
complete with turbo blaster wings, nerf dart blasters, and misc. darts for protection.
right or wrong, these are the types of toy experiences i hope for my children,
the kind where they make it their own,
with nothing more than the help of their imagination & a roll of tape & mother willing to tape their dreams into place.

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sherree said...

Nice! Brilliant work!

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