Tuesday, July 19, 2011

two weeks

two weeks to go with the neon pink cast.
i must admit that i won't be too disappointed to see it go.
thankfully it has gone much smoother than i had anticipated.
the pain hasn't been as bad as i thought;
in fact, the pain is gone now.
however, i've finally hit a wall of being tired of a cast,
not being able to walk across the room,
carry a load of laundry downstairs,
walk while holding my kids,
go back to doing hair,
take a shower without a plastic bag on my leg,
or just to be able to scratch what itches.
however, the electric carts in the store haven't been bad at all,
even with the boys riding on each of my legs.
don't worry, i haven't lost the perspective
or the overwhelming gratitude that i could even have this done
and that all of my corrective work has been done by top of the line doctors.
i was recently at home depot.
the cashier helping me was asking about my foot.
he was a man about my age who mentioned he also has had corrective foot surgeries,
the most recent being 2 years ago.
he was born with 2 club feet.
he had corrective work as a child at a hospital that came no where near specializing in the level of orthopedic care he needed.
it didn't help then,
and he needed more surgery recently.
he just went to a random doctor who obviously didn't have the necessary skills either.
his defect was made worse after this surgery, too.
he was optimistic though.
he was grateful that he could still walk,
and he was smiling the whole time talking about it,
never complaining.
i pretty much wanted to cry
and definitely not tell him that my dr. was top of the line and he gave a 100% guarantee that my condition would be better.
i stopped gloating around about it.
instead my gratitude turned more private,
knowing that there are many out there who haven't been as fortunate.
so, while i am looking forward to no cast,
i can definitely wait,
and you won't hear a single complaint out of me about this,
not ever.


emma said...

i am so happy for you, cute Jen! but i have to admit... i will always miss your little special foot!!

Ganny said...

What a BLOG!!!!!!! It has been so long in coming...thankful you have a doctor that cared...so many don't..thankful for the time he spent making sure he knew what to do. A Big thanks for Shriners Hospitals everywhere. ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS...... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete said...

It takes a really good doctor to improve upon perfection, but I think our doctor may have succeeded.

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