Wednesday, July 27, 2011

shaved ice stand

i have an aspiring entrepreneur  living in my house.
remember the apple sale and lemonade stand in the rain?
well, this friday from 2-4 the entrepreneur will be setting up shop in front of our house.
this time it will be shaved ice.
for $0.50.
if you are interested in supporting a young boy's dream,
then stop by.
oh, and of course he has a plan for his money.
he is saving for a drum set.
if you don't know our address but would like to stop by,
then email me and i will send it to you.


Ganny said...

Woweeeeee!!!!! That would go over big in OKLAHOMA. 107 yesterday. I think a Drum Set will be fantastic.

katwalk said...

what about cotton candy is he gonna sell both? good luck Sam I hope you make enough to get you a drum set :) that sounds way fun. maybe the kids can start them a rock n roll band

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