Friday, April 29, 2011

friday book review: where the sidewalk ends

where the sidewalk ends
by shel silverstein
suggested reading level: ages 5-12

where the sidewalk ends is a collection of 130 silly children's poems about topics ranging from "dancing pants", "dirtiest man in the world", hug wars, and hippopotamus sandwiches. silverstein has a funny way of reaching kids with silly words and simple pen-and-ink drawings. each of the 130 poems are touching in a different way. some may be a bit disgusting or joke about naughtiness, but they are all subjects children can relate to. since the release in 1974 four and a half million copies have been sold, making it the bestselling children's poetry book ever.

i'm sure this is a book that will take us back to 2nd or 4th grade!
i remember very well sitting in my 2nd grade and listening to Ms. Martin read this book.
i must admit that "hug-o-war" was my favorite,
and it has always stuck in my head.
i'm sure we've all heard about how important poetry is for children to assist with learning about rhyming, expanding the imagination, and how it is an important first step in learning how to read.
we introduced this book into our family about 1 year ago with a fun tradition.
sam was very sick,
like in bed with a high fever sick,
and i found myself laying with him often for comfort.
i pulled out this book for something different to entertain him.
i wondered if he was too young,
but he loved it!
now whenever anyone is sick,
they get to lay in my bed, snuggle, and read where the sidewalk ends.
sam was recently sick again,
so out the book came.
it was so entertaining that will joined us,
and the book has had to stay out.
it is their book of choice every night at story time.
they each pick 4 poems,
and they want more after.
i recently checked out the cd at the library,
and they like listening to it in bed as they fall asleep.
they think these poems are hilarious.
let's face it,
what's not funny about captain hook picking his nose,
or getting buried with spaghetti instead of confetti,
or hector the junk collector,
or getting eaten by a boa constrictor,
or losing your head and not being able to find it even if you are sitting on it?
this book has most certainly opened sam and will's imagination,
and it has been a pleasant reminder of my childhood memories.
get the book,
if you don't already own it.
if you own it,
then pull it out again.

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