Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a thing i love most...

i love that children have a tendency to do whatever is in their heart.
nothing seems to stop them.
especially things like 50 degree weather.
summer is in my boys' hearts,
and rainy, chilly days aren't enough to take that out of their heart.
that is exactly why they put on their swimsuits and used a sprinkler under the trampoline to make a slip-n-slide.
they played like that for at least an hour today.
and that is one reason i love them so much.
they do what is in their heart.


The Nickell Family said...

I really wish I was better at this. I'm trying to be more in the "moment" with my kids and help them with what's in their heart not always being completely "practical". Thanks for your example.

Arin and Troy said...

Watching this seriously makes me COLD!!!! I dont think I would have let Stockton do that, you are a great Mom.

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