Monday, April 25, 2011

easter in review

i love easter,
and apparently my kids do, too.
a few of the highlights...

norma's annual easter egg hunt:

the boys have done it enough times they are starting to memorize their favorite spots:

this was maggie's 1st real hunt. she surprisingly knew just what to do. she picked the egg up and plopped it right in her basket. it didn't take her long to discover the candy either. she now scavenges for it, and i now find chocolate bars in her mouth wrapper included:
it is funny helping will find easter eggs. if you say look up, then he looks down. he eventually spots them, but it is quite entertaining watching him.
there's nothing fancy about the way we dye easter eggs.
we just need some color, crayons, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.
easter morning was better than christmas morning for my children.
they woke at 6 to see if they the easter bunny ate the carrots they left,
and thankfully he did eat it and leave them jelly bean "poop".

i believe it easter outfits.

and i believe in family traditions like cousin egg hunts and egg drops especially when our egg doesn't break and sam wins the $5 golden egg.
and i believe in really cute easter pics.

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