Monday, April 4, 2011

maggie's party

dear mom,
thank you for throwing me such a terrific party for my first year.
the whole evening was just fitting for me...
all of my favorite things were included.
the pink, yellow, and silver glittery things were just perfect for me.
the party hats and wands were fun even though i didn't want much to do with them;
i'm glad they were there for the other kids.

i felt like i was sitting in style with my special seat.
oh, and i must mention the hand-stitched blanket you made me for my gift.
i will always treasure it.

and you certainly didn't go wrong with the food.
i could eat fruit and cupcakes all day!
now that i mention it, i could've devoured a few more cupcakes.
auntie made a delicious raspberry lemonade cupcake.
i enjoyed every bite.

and i was really spoiled with the gifts...
a piano playstation from weema,
new pacifiers from will,
a pink ring from sam,
cute & sassy clothes from my aunties,
dolls & bunnies,
stacking blocks,
animal magnets,
bug pop beads.
i really loved them all,
and i have played with every one.

almost all of my favorite people were there...
both of my grandmas,
all my auntie's except for dawn dawn and nellie,
and all my cousins except a few who have moved away (walker girls & jeffs boys).
the best part of having them all there was how helpful they were in getting my presents open.
i really did love it all,
even the frilly white dress.
it was quite fitting, wasn't it?

thanks again, mom, for making my day all about me.



Arin and Troy said...

Looks like a great party. I am glad everything turned out the way you wanted it to. Where did you get the white dress?

Ganny said...

A Happy Birthday, and very cute.

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