Monday, April 11, 2011

a return home

we spent the end of spring break last week in st. george.
and had a wonderful time, i might add.
it was atypical weather...
cold and rainy,
but we didn't let it slow us down.
we reminded ourselves that attitude is everything,
so we pulled out our umbrellas and bought sweatshirts and pretended we live in the pacific northwest.
we still hiked in snow canyon and played in the sand dunes (in the hail, actually).
nothing like being sandy, wet, and cold.
we saw hop the movie.
cove fort.
what a reminder that i was born in the wrong generation!
dinosaur museum.
lots of swimming in the indoor pool.
and lots of screaming and playing with cousins.
and lots of laughing with the grown-ups.
thanks, sarah, for "losing" jade.
i don't think we will ever forget that!
a trip through zions.
and then home again.
i LOVE vacations;
it's what i would spend all my extra money on,
but i love the way it feels to come home.
if i could just hold onto that carefree feeling once i'm here.

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sugar&sweet said...

i loved this pic, all of you look so natural..!and a happy family..!!! so sweet...! - irish :)

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