Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it takes all kinds

every tuesday sam and will go to a playgroup in our neighborhood.
every 4 weeks i have the privilege of hosting about 7-9 kids here for this group.
today was that day.
many of these kids have been coming to this playgroup for the last 3 years.
in my silent observation today i caught a really special glimpse of how they have all grown.
the most touching part that glimpse was recognizing that growing is different than changing.
they are all still the same kids that we started with 3 years ago.
sure, their behaviors have changed...
thankfully they are all using the toilet now
and playing together without constant supervision and involvement
and not crying every time we leave them.
but who they are is the same.
some are builders,
some are inventors,
some are just players,
some are loud,
and some are quiet.
some make me laugh
and others don't make a peep.
some connect with me and have always enjoyed following me around, helping with lunch, and chatting the whole time
and for some it is enough for them to just feel safe and welcome.
and they have always been this way;
it's who they are.
as i was making this observation i was incredibly grateful for each one of them.
they all have something big and amazing to offer this world,
and for each one it will be different.
i'm very aware of how lucky i am to watch these futures unfolding before me.

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