Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what are you going to be

i had a conversation with sam that sparked a very pleasant memory.
the conversation took me back to the day when i was around 9 years old.
i had written in a school journal about what i wanted to be when i grew up.
thank goodness for a mother who saved it for me!
what i wrote has been a treasure to me in my professional years.
i wrote that "i want to be a hairdresser because i'm good at it i think".
funny how life can have a way of delivering you what is in your childhood heart.
that childhood dream has landed me in the art of hairdressing for the last 11 years.
flash forward to my conversation with sam.
he asked me who the "job giver" is and when they give you your job.
i smiled as i tried to explain to him that the job giver is yourself and you get to decide what you do.
this opened his mind in a whole new way of thinking.
he was excitedly planning what job he would choose.
he first said "a teacher like dad",
but quickly changed that.
he changed it to something much more fitting to him.
he wants to be a car inventor.
he wants to invent a car that can transform into a helicopter.
(we should patent the idea for him now.)
i was touched to see the imagination running wild on every detail of his design.
after much planning,
he concluded that if that didn't work he would be a "cash registerer".
that would work, too.
whatever it is he dreams up
i hope he finds much enjoyment and satisfaction.

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katwalk said...

I can hardly wait to see what the little inventer invents..or what ideas he may have on getting you around the house this summer :)I bet if you let them try I'm sure sam and will could drag you up and down the stairs if you need them to.

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