Sunday, April 17, 2011

friday book review: that's not my princess

that's not my princess
by fiona watt
suggested reading level: baby-preschool

this is one of many of the usbourne touchy feely board books. it is a delightful story with a simple and repetitive storyline. the illustrations are bright and cheery, and each illustration has a textured item to make it fun for little hands. on each page you discover all things princess. however, her fan is too fluffy, dress is too thick, and sash too velvety to be the reader's princess. it isn't until the end you learn what makes the princess just right.

it is about time i start thinking about books for maggie.
she received this book for her birthday,
and it has been the 1st book that she wants to read and look at.
i leave it on the floor most of the day because she will always flip through it every time it is near.
her favorite page is definitely the thick dress page.
she loves it so much she tries to tote it with her wherever she goes;
no matter if she is crawling or walking the book is almost always in tow.
even my boys like hearing it.
they have already memorized it and can be found reading it to maggie.
if princess is not your theme,
there are many others with the same story line and textures about teddy bears, kittens, bunnies, puppies, and dragons.
the best baby board books i can recall seeing in quite awhile.

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Alexis 18 said...

I sold usborne books after I had Adyen, so I have every "That's not my....." in the cataloge! My kids have absolutely loved them. I actually bought "That's not my Bear" 3 times because it was Leah's favorite and she loved to lick the pages. I just packed up all of them for the move, when we get to the new place and I find them, I'll send the ones that survived too you.

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