Sunday, May 1, 2011

may i???

may i just take a minute to tell you about the month of may?
it's my favorite month.
the weather is normally just right.
always sunny.
and never too warm.
i used to always get a new swimming suit for my birthday in may.
it was my favorite birthday tradition.
i don't think it would be so easy for my mom to pick out a swimming suit for me now.
that has now become a definitely need to try on item.
however, now my mom and others may wonder what to get me for my birthday instead.
my list seems to get smaller every year.
so, for those of you wondering,
here's my 32nd wish list....

this book

a gift certificate here or anything from here so i don't have to make a decision,
perhaps another piece to add to my stainless steel cooking set,
and some new make-up would be fabulous.

but mostly i would be most satisfied with just a day where i felt no guilt and i was able to see myself exactly how i am.
that's not really asking too much is it?

or more pieces to finish off my

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