Friday, May 13, 2011

friday book review: the alchemist

the alchmeist
by paulo coelho
suggested reading level: 12-adult

this is an inspirational fable of Santiago, a charming shepherd boy, who dreams of seeing the world. he journeys from spain to morocco in search of his personal legend; along the way he encounters many people who help guide him towards his goal. in his quest he is beset by all manner of setbacks, testing his resolve and forcing him to become attuned to the soul of the world in order to survive. by paying attention to the details in the world around him, he learns many important lessons about perseverance, simplicity, and following your heart. by the end of the book Santiago becomes an alchemist in his own right, spinning unfavorable circumstances into riches.

i know i normally write my reviews about children's books,
but i recently read this and found many inspiring messages.
this will be a book i put in my children's hands at age 12.
although very simplistic in characters and plot,
i found much wisdom in the lessons of self-empowerment and believing in your dreams.
the simple honesty in this book was exactly what i was searching for as another year has passed me by.
the inspiration i hope to take with me for my next year was about fear.
it's ultimately fear that prevents us from seeking our own personal legend.
i'm 32 now.
i want no more fear.
i will be spending the next few weeks really trying to see where i want to go, what i want to do,
and then i will kick fear to the curb and plow forward.
by the time 33 rolls around next year i want to see results,
not another reminiscing on all of the things i was too afraid to do.
many lessons in this book;
i will be purchasing this one.

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