Sunday, May 8, 2011

a mother's best day

my mom necklace + 2 new handcrafted heart
necklaces from sam & will

i always appreciate my role as a mother when i can step out of it for a time,
like today.
my best kind of presents are the ones that involve time & reflection,
and that's the kind of mother's day gift i got today.
my family let me sleep until 8:30.
i woke up to a beautifully set table, delicious sourdough french toast, fresh fruit, fresh flowers, and homemade cards.
everyone in the family seemed delighted to share this moment with me,
delighted to make the effort.
as i enjoyed the meal, enjoyed watching the clean-up, enjoyed pete doing the sunday ironing, and enjoyed the extra help and effort with the kids,
i felt honored,
well taken care of,
and very comfortable.
as i really thought about the simple acts done on my behalf today,
i realized these are the simple acts i do every day as a mother,
and i was filled with excitement all over again at the prospect that my family must feel every day what i was feeling in these moments...
well taken care of,
very comfortable,
and grateful.
i was recharged in my motherhood.
my efforts seem more worth it now,
knowing how it feels to be on the receiving end.
these are the best kind of gifts...
the ones that i always remember.
it will be a constant reminder to me that my actions as a mother do matter.
i do get to shape the feeling and tone in our home by the things i do every day
and the attitude in which i do them.

thank you, family, for making my day such a special one.
what a privilege it is to be your mother!


katwalk said...

It was a great Mothers Day. I noticed the necklace in pictures when I got home I really like them.. I feel that it is Mothers Day everytime we are together. I love the way in which my kids have grown up to care for me you guys do it in so many ways. you do it without even knowing. I see it in the things you do. I am reminded by the things I see you do, when you do something that I would of done :) that makes me happy or when I see my grandkids acting just like their parent that is always fun. My favorite thing is as a family we may not of had a lot of fancy worldly things but what we did have was what we needed..each other..glad we still have each other..then everything else just works out. I love you. thanks for picking me as your mother....have you ever thought what you might be like if you had that prefect mother you used to want, I don't think she would of been your best mom. as you wouldn't be you without me :)you have to give me some credit in the mothering department you know.

aubrey said...

Jen, love the picture of you and the kids. Sam is soooooooooo cute and Will has perfect finger placement. Love it!!!

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