Saturday, July 10, 2010

will's celebration

our family has talked for months about will's birthday party a the beach house.
since we are leaving tomorrow we celebrated today.
will knows how to work the celebration circuit,
so he worked it to get almost everything he asked for in the name of a birthday celebration.
(auntie, you would've been proud. :)
he got...
green balloons at safeway,
cream soda in glass bottles,
candy bottle suckers that you dip in colored sugar,
a basket of strawberries at the farmer market & a watermelon,
orange cupcakes,
hot dogs.
and a kid show resting time.
and a party on the beach.

the party on the beach must have been overly anticipated.
it didn't go quite like we had planned.
will was either crying, sleeping, or wanting to be held almost the whole time on the beach.
he loved throwing his football around.
and then was obsessed with the new birthday basketball.
also the dinner wasn't quite right either.
it was too windy to get the fire lit,
so he ate cold hot dogs and didn't seem to mind.
pete & i were not going for that at 7:00 pm.
we wanted real food,
so we went to plan b.
we had our cupcake & present celebration on the beach
and then had mexican food in tillamook.
just our luck,
at this restaurant,
the birthday person gets a free entree.
we surely took advantage of that!
will got shrimp
and a sprite
and a free dessert
all while wearing a sombrero.

i'd say all in all he loved his day.
i'm sure he was content eating cold hot dogs on the beach,
drinking warm cream soda,
wrapped in a towel,
crying for his basketball.


Ganny said...

sounds like a "REAL" Birthday Celebration to me.

Arin and Troy said...

That is picture of Will in the sombrero is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! It sounds like his birthday celebration wasnt exactly what you guys had it mind, but I think he definately had a day worty of celebrating.

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