Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the first of its kind

have i mentioned how much i love having a girl?
well, i do.
for many reasons.
the sewing projects are one of the reasons.
there are just so many more options for girls than boys.
like this little dress that took no time at all to make.
i got the pattern from made by rae.
it was cute, quick, and simple.
and maggie loved it.
oh, this is just the beginning.
i think she is excited, too.
i told her that with enough practice i would make her wedding dress in about 30 years.
she smiled.
i think she's excited.


sugar&sweet said...

maggie is sooooh cute when she laugh..haha...i love her baby dress too looks good for her.

katwalk said...

good job on the dress it's really cute..and she looks like she likes it alot

Pete said...

In person the dress is fabulous
and Maggie fabulouser :)

Ganny said...

such a cutie. I love the dress.

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