Saturday, July 24, 2010

two peas in a pod

i am a little obsessive compulsive about some things.
not like in a freaky way,
but maybe more in a perfectionist way.
i would like to think that my OCD tendencies don't affect anyone but myself.
or unfortunately,
i think sam was born with the same tendencies.
some things pain me as i watch him,
wishing he could relax
or let certain things go
or just not worry about some of the things he worries about.
like this...

in our church we have sacrament meeting, primary classes, and sharing time.
while we were on vacation our ward switched the schedule.
we now have sharing time first where the kids are all together
and then they go to their primary class.
sunday was our first day back to this new schedule.
when church was over we couldn't find sam.
i was nervous,
but pete was smart.
he guessed how sam's brain was working.
sam thrives on schedule and order,
so pete assumed he went back to the primary room for sharing time since that is how it always worked.
and he was right.
there sat sam in his normal row
with a new group of kids from another ward.
pete quietly got him and kindly told him it was time to go home.
pete explained they switched the schedule and left it at that.
well, sam has not forgotten about it.
all day today sam has been reviewing the schedule for tomorrow,
repeating over and over,
"sharing time first and then classes".
he has asked us so many times if that is how it's going to happen tomorrow.
he needs schedule confirmation.

we got it all worked out.
as i saw how concerning it was to him,
i had a reminder of my role as his mother.
it is my job to teach him skills to master his personality.
he has a great personality;
he has so much drive and focus for a 4-year-old,
and i want him to be comfortable with who he is
and know how to use his strength for good and not let it be a weakness.
so, as for tomorrow at church, i helped him come up with a plan so he wouldn't feel confused or uncomfortable again.
he decided to wait in his classroom until i come to get him.
he described about 19 times where his classroom is just to be sure i know.
i will be there,
and i can guarantee that he will be right there waiting.
that's one thing i love about sam.
he knows how to make a great plan.
i'm trying my best to teach him how to execute his plans.
and i, of all people, understand how the execution will empower him all of his days.


katwalk said...

I look so forward to seeing more of Sam's plans, remember I was always the one that would reasured you he would one day grow into his brain and as we know it's okay when we have one of the kind brains..I prefer that...Sam is such a joy..all I can say now is get ready for the world to unfold before him hold on it may be a wild ride :)

BreAnna said...

Ok Jen this is totaly off topic, but I am so sick of my hair, is it possible to dramatically lighten it, (I don't want to be super blonde, just dark blone or light brown with highlights?) Is this even possible or does it take a year to lift the dark brown? If you aren't working do you know anyone who is great with color?

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