Thursday, July 8, 2010

what is netarts?

a communtiy by the bay.
a prime destination for crabbers.
population around 800.
about 40% of the homes are occupied by tourists.
it's nestled in between oceanside and tillamook.
there's not much here,
but it has been the home of our summer beach house.
join me for a tour of the 2.6 square mile community...
this was the view turning off our street.
this street would take you to the bay, to the beach, and the schooner bar/restaurant (which we never had reason to frequent).
we always loved that house on the hill.

there is a post office, salon, real estate shop, 2 small grocery markets, a used collectible store, and a few small vacation motels.
the only place we had reason to go was the market & the collectible store.

the market didn't have much and what they had seemed to be old & overpriced.
we did our grocery shopping in tillamook.
the used store was pretty cool.
lexi, the shop owner, was a little weird,
but she always had fresh brownies for a treat and salt water taffy.
sam wanted to go back often.
i liked going, too,
so we often took a walk alone together to just look.
he did use his saved money to buy a new stuffed animal for his collection.
and i used my money to buy some fishing net for the boys' room.
we loved the conflict between the market and lex's cool stuff.
hence, all the "no parking" signs for the other store plastered all over their parking lots.

netarts may not have had much in the way of people or retail,
and the people may have been a little "salty",
but it did have a great view of the ocean
and a private little beach
that was the very best for collecting shells & crab shells.

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