Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oregon Overview

we are home now.
we drove straight through on sunday.
the kids were angels in the car for 15 hours.
i don't know what we thinking making that long drive in one day!
thankfully we were fully loaded with treats, travel bags, and even a surprise movie or 2.
our minivan was a champion,
and i'm certain now a minivan is the only family vehicle that i will ever have.

there's no place like home, really.
though i will miss the togetherness of that trip and all the memories of even the little things about how it felt.
thankfully i typed a bunch of posts and saved in word,
so my next few posts will be about our trip.


katwalk said...

looks like fun I noticed in the last picture you have some orbs behind the van thought it was the moon at first but enlarged it and saw they are orbs cool I love orbs

Dana Marie said...

looked like he was trying to shoot the motorcycles with laser to me! lol

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