Thursday, July 22, 2010


i have found myself already missing our oregon vacation.
i miss the unlimited time on the beach.
i miss the small cottage that wasn't filled with so much stuff.
i miss the focus that i could give to just my family.
and i miss manzanita.
what a wonderful place.
so, before our trip gets too far away that i stop thinking about it,
i think it's time to post a few more things i wrote while we were there.


July 7, 2010

The magic of the Oregon coast was re-born within us today at mazanita.

This was the 1st time we had been here,

And we loved it.

The vibe here was exactly what we had built Oregon up to be.

The people were friendly.

The beach was the most beautiful we have seen.

The sand seemed the softest and whitest.

There were lots of waves with breaking white everywhere you looked.

The tide was out which left a perfectly packed shore with no rocks.

There was a forested cliff at the end for a perfect backdrop.

Oh, and the shops!

We loved the little shops!

Longevity Yoga studio was a real treat.

Pete loved the hand warmer mugs,

And I loved the smell.

I wish I could’ve bottled the smell up to bring home,

The smell was full of sandalwood,

Which I love.

I liked the employee there,

She was friendly,

And she liked my hat.

She had a great energy.

I also loved the yarn store.

There were great handmade items and books.

The boys loved rearranging the skeins of yarn on display.

They didn’t last long in this store.

Thank goodness for the organic market.

The boys needed a treat,

And their candy choices were all things I could feel good about.

I loved sam’s natural raspberry licorice.

Amy & mel, remember the panda bear licorice?

It was definitely a market we enjoyed.

We have decided that our next trip to the Oregon coast will be spent in Manzanita,

Doing yoga on the beach,

And watching our kids roll around in the sand.

That was will’s activity of choice today.

Sam loved just getting in the water again

And digging for treasures in the sand.

He found a little bone which became a beloved treasure for him.

Kind of gross, I know, but there was no convincing him.

At least it was clean.

We could sit for a very long time on a beach like this.

We just need to be sure we put sam in his swimsuit so when he gets wet he won’t be so bummed about it being in his regular shorts. J


Arin and Troy said...

It looks like Manzanita was the place to go. We will have to remember that next time we go!

And yes, I do remember the licorice. I remember choking down a nasty "salad" that Tutu made. To this day I remember it being one of the grossest things I have EVER eating. But the entire time I was eating it, I was thinking of the licorice I would get when I finished. Well, guess who ate my licorice while I was suffering eating the salad????? That's right....DAD!!!!!!

Vanderlinden Clan said...

oh, how i do remember that!! the memories... i thought of you the whole time sam was eating it.

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